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Explore the available attractions from Aurora Farms Premium Outlets, Blossom Music Center, Mike’s Place, Pro Football Hall of Fame and much more


Discover the amazing and well known festivals celebrate all throughout the year.

  • Kent Craft Beer Festival
  • The Kent Blues Festival
  • Portage County Randolph Fair
  • October Fest
  • And many more…

Museums & Historical Sites

Learn about the amazing historical sites, learn about the history and the value they hold to the community.

  • Kelso House Museum
  • Kent State University Museum
  • Singletary House Museum
  • And many more…

Arts and Culture

Discover places to visit where famous orchestration, plays and concerts are held

  • E J Thomas Hall
  • Home Heritage Concert Series
  • Kent Stage
  • And many more…

Parks and Recreation

Explore large acres of forestation, each offering unique experiences, from rugged cliffs, diverse plant life and large lakes.

  • Nelson Kennedy Ledges
  • Lions Community Park
  • Cranberry Creek Park
  • And many more…

Golf Courses

Visit our famous golf courses that offer challenging turf all while providing a great experience.

  • Boulder Creek Golf Club and Event Center
  • Windmill Lakes Golf Club
  • The Fairways at Twins Lakes
  • And many more…